Act with confidence to protect your loved ones when it matters with our Maryland Active Shooter response classes. Certified instructors in both Law Enforcement and Civilian Active Shooter Response will take you through practical and classroom activities giving you the guidance you need to deal with any situation. Minimize risks, maximize safety and take control with our Active Shooter Training, giving you the tools to make the right choices for your loved ones wherever you may be.

Active shooter situations are the most complex and dangerous situations you can find yourself in, where your choices can have a significant impact on outcomes for yourself and those around you. Protecting your loved ones, minimizing risk and taking the most effective approach are essential. But this requires skills and insight to guide you in the heat of the moment. Our Maryland active shooter classes, including HSI’s AVERT and dedicated classes for concealed carry permit holder, security teams for places of worship as well as armed professionals, help you quickly assess situations and take the lowest risk, most effective action to protect your loved ones in this hostile environment.

Building your skills through both class activities and practical scenario training provides the platform for survival in challenging situations. Our active shooter training will help you learn to respond to fast moving situations, understanding where hiding and barricading is most appropriate, where and how force should be used if it is an option, as well as how to deal with law enforcement responding to the situation, which is critical if you are armed. Through these Maryland active shooter courses, you will not only learn the skills you need, but through practical examples, have the confidence to implement them when it matters.

Our certified AVERT instructors and comprehensive active shooter training classes are the best way to prepare yourself for these confusing and dangerous situations, which are sadly and increasingly common occurrence. Be ready to take control of any situation with our Maryland active shooter response training, provided by fully qualified and certified instructors.

While our training center is located in Maryland we proudly serve over the entire east coast. Notable clients include The MET in NYC, an anti-human trafficking organization as well as churches, businesses, and schools. No matter the location and type of organization Crotalus Defensive Services can help you be prepared in the event the worst event imaginable ever occurs.