Welcome to Crotalus Defensive Services LLC.

Crotalus is the group of reptiles that includes all rattlesnakes. The rattlesnakes place in American culture is solidified and they appear on numerous flags and banners going back through American history all the way to the revolutionary war.
Despite their reputation rattlesnakes are usually very shy and peaceful. They will make every effort not to attack. They will retreat whenever possible and will then give their well-known audible warning and even bite without injecting venom in an attempt to be left undisturbed. However if they feel cornered, hurt or threatened they will attack. When they attack they will strike and inject their venom and continue to do so until the threat subsides.
The correlation to this and self-defense is apparent. Never seek a violent conflict. Never go looking for a violent encounter. But if you or your loved ones find yourself cornered or facing an imminent threat of severe bodily harm (or worse), strike. Fight with everything you’ve got, using all means and training at your disposal. Don’t be a victim.
On that note welcome to Crotalus Defensive Services. The goal of this company is to give the individual, group or professional the means and training to defend yourself against those intent on doing severe harm. While many are simply looking for the means to secure a permit to carry a weapon for self-defense I will caution you in the same way I have cautioned many of the police officers and armed security professionals I have worked alongside against falling into complacency. If you find yourself in the fight of your life you will never rise to the occasion, rather you will always sink to the level of your training. This company will be glad to offer you whatever training is required for the permit you may be seeking but I will advise you to go beyond this. Train hard. Train well. Train often. Never stop learning.


tom miller

Tom has worked both in sworn law enforcement as well as armed security. Prior to entering law enforcement, he spent 10 years in martial arts/ mixed martial arts. His prior background in mix martial arts served him well when he began attending professional schools for law enforcement and armed security. Also prior to entering law enforcement he engaged in friendly firearms competitions which also embedded good basic skills and he is known for always qualifying at the top of his group with whatever agency he serves with. He professional certifications include Active Shooter Response Instructor and Firearms Instructor. He is also an NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor. He credits one of his early LEO instructors for introducing him to the slogan “Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast” and uses this mantra as a basis for instruction.

liz miller

Liz Miller- Liz is in charge of all first aid-based training. She has been a Registered Nurse for 13 years. Her first 4 years as an RN was in a cardiac telemetry unit. She enjoyed orienting new nurses and even had the opportunity to fill in as interim manager for 3 months. The last nine years of her nursing experience has been in critical care. In April 2017 she took the nightshift ICU/CTICU clinical supervisor position at the local hospital. Much of her nursing experience has been in the intensive care unit which makes her very well suited to CPR/AED training. She has also been ACLS certified for 12.5 years. She enjoys teaching and helping others learn from her nursing experience.