Our Maryland CPR courses help you in an emergency, those crucial moments when every second matters. Our MD CPR Instructors are highly experienced and fully certified, ensuring all ECARE classes provide the skills you need. Whether you choose the Red Cross certification or AHSI class, you will have a fully qualified instructor providing both classroom and practical lessons to give you the skills to handle emergencies if they occur.

Our Salisbury CPR/First Aid/AED classes provide lifesaving skills alongside practical training so when the time comes, you can implement them effectively. With course options to cover both the Red Cross CPR certified curriculum and the HIS/AHSI program, Our Maryland CPR training center offers the flexibility to suit your own specific needs. We proudly offer CPR/First Aid/AED courses as well as Instructor courses through both the Red Cross and AHSI. We also offer the Wilderness First Aid course that is often utilized by the Boy Scouts of America, AHSI Advanced Bleeding Control, Red Cross Stop Life Threatening Bleeding as well as Bloodborne Pathogen classes from both programs.

For those who want to go beyond learning CPR and are looking to build a side-business or part time income, our certified MD CPR Instructor courses provide everything you need to run your own Maryland CPR courses. Covering both Red Cross and AHSO approved certification, these courses give you the skills to instruct others with confidence, and can not only provide a valuable side business but also present a gateway to further instructor skills and additional income.

Both our Salisbury Red Cross and Maryland AHSI instructor courses are delivered by fully certified and highly experienced teams, and again include both theory and practical components to give you the skills to deliver Salisbury CPR classes to your own students. With internationally recognized qualifications, either of these courses will allow you to deliver classes anywhere in the world, and are an extremely flexible solution for anyone looking to build a new business.

While our training center is located near Salisbury, MD we do serve the greater region. Our clients have included museums, schools, businesses, and religious institutions over the entire east coast. If you have a group, please reach out to us for group pricing at your location.