Our Maryland firearms courses teach you the skills you need to safely handle your firearm and deal with threats as they occur. With Salisbury firearm instruction you gain confidence in yourself and your equipment, adding Maryland self-defense skills to help you overcome threats safely and quickly, while minimizing risks. Our experienced Salisbury self-defense instructors will guide you in the classroom and practical lessons in a controlled environment to build the skills you and your family need.

Our Maryland Firearm Courses include the NRA Basic Firearms Curriculums to include the NRA Concealed Carry course as well as our self-defense programs to include Defensive Pistol Classes, Home Defense Handgun and Home Defense Rifle classes. Our Women’s Armed/Unarmed Self Defense program was designed to meet the close quarter self-defense challenges more common to women that find themselves in danger.

Our programs cover basic pistol skills, basic rifle skills and close combat weaponry, depending on the course, with qualified self-defense instructors to help you learn, understand and apply that knowledge to create a safer space for your loved ones while also providing the protection you know they deserve.

Not only can Salisbury firearm training give you the tools to keep your loved ones safe, but ensures that your gun ownership minimizes risks as well. Additionally, Maryland self-defense skills classes offer a comprehensive approach using the Crotalus self defense program, giving you new skills to deal with threats in a confident and effective way. Our Salisbury self-defense instructors offer a range of these courses, including dedicated women’s self-defense classes that provide valuable strategies for dealing with a variety of threat situations.

While content varies from course to course, both self defense and Maryland firearms classes include both classroom and practical scenario components. This ensures that you learn skills and ideas quickly, but also gain confidence in your ability to implement them when required. Self defense skills are essential today, and our Maryland self-defense courses and firearms instruction ensure you learn in a safe, controlled environment with qualified and experienced instructors, providing effective techniques and strategies that you can implement effectively when needed.

While our training center is located near Salisbury, MD we do serve the greater Delmarva and Washington DC region. If you have a group and/or your own facilities for training please reach out to us to discuss a training event at your location.