Concealed Carry regulations vary considerably from state to state, but with our dedicated courses you can quickly be up to speed with local state requirements and certifications wherever you are travelling. From our basic concealed carry class that covers the essential skills of concealed carry to dedicated state legislation, such as our Maryland HQL and Utah Concealed Carry Permit course, we cover everything you need for safe concealed carry gun ownership.

We also offer a dedicated course for Maryland and Utah self defense law, providing guidance on permissible force in a variety of situations so that you can learn how to protect yourself while remaining a lawful firearm owner.

In all cases, these courses are delivered by trained, certified instructors with specialized knowledge of concealed carry law and regulations. Our courses provide the certification and permits required for legal concealed carry and combine both classroom and practical exercises to help students acquire the skills for safe firearm operation.

All these courses require a level of firearm ownership experience and education, but if you have any questions, please contact us to discuss your specific needs. To get started with any CCW class, simply choose the course that interests you below, view the description and select an available date that suits your schedule.