As defense and firearms experts, we have developed a number of courses aimed at both gun owners and security teams covering a number of scenarios and needs. Built upon our own insight as security experts, these courses are delivered by highly trained instructors who bring both technical skill and real-world experience to provide exceptional support in your firearm journey

Classes blend theoretical instruction in the classroom with practical exercises to ensure students gain the confidence to put their skills into action if they encounter such situations. Our range of courses cover basic defensive firearm skills through to complex scenario training, each carefully designed to help you acquire both the skills you need and the confidence to put them into practice.

Our active shooter courses offer a unique training solution for individuals and security teams, offering guidance and insight into identifying and applying strategies to minimize risk and maximize survival opportunities if you are caught in challenging situations.

We also offer dedicated ownership classes that provide nationally recognized certification, such as our Multi State Concealed Carry Course. All are delivered by certified and highly experienced instructors who will help you develop the necessary skills and understanding you need for safe ownership and use of your firearm at all times.

In addition, we offer a dedicated course for women seeking to learn armed or unarmed self-defense techniques in a controlled and welcoming environment. Like all our courses, with dedicated instructors and an effective curriculum, you can learn valuable skills as well as the practical experience to apply them when required. To get started, just choose the course that interests you below, view the description and choose an available date that suits your schedule.